Like many people, I want to “feel” that my life is worthy by helping others and by making people’s lives easier and happier. That’s why, in my early twenties, I wanted to pursue a career in screenwriting. I pictured myself writing compelling stories that would inspire others, like the ones that inspired and motivated me in my day-to-day. However, becoming a writer isn’t as easy as people might think: selling a script could take you months or even years. Moreover, producers very often change more than 80% of your screenplay to make it more “marketable” and sometimes — and this is quite unfair — they don’t even give you credit for the story.

This Ted Talk was useful because it confirmed what I really want to pursue in my career and in my life, in general: be useful and make products that help others.

Yeah, I am a cliché. I want to design ideas that change lives. I don’t care if people never get to know who is behind these ideas, as I don’t want to be famous or super wealthy. I just want to do meaningful stuff.

OK, stop whining. What did you learn from this video?

Sorry :(

What I learnt in this video was:

  • A designer needs to have two qualities: audacity (to believe that what you’re making is what all the world needs and wants) and humility (figuring out how you can help people to have better lives).

And last but not least important:

  • You have to design for where people are, and not where you are. This is a reason why I got obsessed with languages since a very early age. If I could, I would be learning as many languages as possible since it is a good way to understand other cultures and ways of thinking. Speaking English has helped me to have better job opportunities and to make friends from other countries. When you travel abroad, you realize how small you are and how little you know about the world. I am learning French as a third language and hopefully, in four or five years, I will start learning German or Japanese.

Looking forward to starting a career in UX design :D

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