Prework Final Case Study & Exercise

I asked my brother (25) to help me out with this exercise.

He chose the University of Virgina website:

  • Give them seven seconds to get a first impression of the website. Ask them to give you a small phrase or a group of adjectives: he said it didn’t look appealing.
  • Ask them what they think about the navigation of the site: he said it was “good”. The website didn’t take much to load and all the information looked organized.
  • Ask them to find:
  1. The school mascot: he didn’t find it on the website. He had to google “University of Virgina mascot” in order to know that it is a cavalier. Later on, when he clicked on the “Athletics” section and read the information, he noticed they mention the cavaliers. He said it would be good to have an image of the mascot in the first part of the Athletics section.
  2. If the school offers foreing language instruction for Arabic: it took him over 10 minutes to find that the university doesn’t offer courses for Arabic. He found related information in the Graduate School section, in Programs about East Asian Studies.
  3. The nearest airport to the school: this was the easier one to find. It took him around 2 minutes. He went to the “Visit” section and found this information.

As I said earlier, the most difficult thing to find in this website was information about foreign languages. I would suggest that the university makes a single section of “Extracurricular activities” — — -> Arts / Sports / International activities / Science and in the category of International Activities, this kind of workshorps would be displayed. It would be easier and quicker to find, plus they could add meetings and parties among international students, as well as seminars about topics that have to do with international affairs. In my Welsh university, they had a section dedicated only to international students where they made lots of activities for us.

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